Heritage Still Life, 2007

8x10, acrylic on panel
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. G. Vaughn Johnson

Once on a business trip to Nashville, Tennessee, I saw an artist's shop next to the hotel where I stayed and what struck me was the luscious paint--brilliant and shining. I have come to better be able to achieve this feeling of opulent paint. Painting on panels is one element, but also using a heavy coat of gloss varnish is another.

This painting was finished during the Judy Greff workshop. She uses a spatter technique very effectively and that is what I wanted to learn. She also wanted us to paint from a still life. So in the morning hours, I took a picture of some objects and took the photo to class. Judy suggested pouncing over actual lace to get the doily effect. I tried it and it worked great with some lace that she had. I also used the spatter technique which accentuated the antique look. I haven't done still lifes since college days, but it was a fun piece to do.

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