Little Sioux Sunset, 2007

11x14, acrylic on panel
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ertl

Marge and I went to Little Sioux for Young Women's Camp parents night. We don't have a girl that age, but we did have Young Women from the congregation there. On the way back through Little Sioux, the light struck me and I backed up a country road to the place I saw the light. It wasn't quite the same as it was seconds earlier--light disappears quickly at that time of day. I snapped a photo. Then at the Judy Greff workshop I painted this piece. I didn't quite get it finished in the two-day workshop. At the daily critique Judy said that she did not know what advice to give me to complete the work other than "spatter the 'Heck' out of it." I did that and several other things until I arrived at a solution that pleased me. The tree on the right was painted first and worked wonderfully well. The left part of the composition became my battle ground.

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Anonymous said...

I am writing to you to thank you for your kind and uplifting words during my time of need. Words can not express how appreciative I am. Interesting that I come from a family of artists, specifically painters. Your work is beautiful, capturing the grace and inspiration of nature!
God Bless, Stacy.