Loess Hills, 2007

18x24, acrylic on panel
Collection of the Artist

Loess Hills were created from glacial action during the last ice age. The glacier would push soil before it as it progressed and then it would retract and the next season push more material up. There is no rock here just clay. Hence there are only two places in the world where this phenomenon exists. Loess Hill of Iowa and somewhere in China. They are are a beautiful place to drive through. This was near Little Sioux on a magical morning in June.

Exhibited in the 2007 Omaha Artist's Fall Show where it received an Honorable Mention.

Judge's Comments:

  • Painting technique is excellent, and the brush strokes are free.
  • It has nice contrast and use of atmospheric perspective.
  • Subtle details in the tree rather than making it a black silhouette.
  • The asymmetrical composition makes it work.
It reminds me of an early group of New England artists -- part of the American Impressionist school -- artists like William Merritt Chase.

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