My Sacred Grove, 2006

40x30, acrylic on canvas
Collection of Angela Young

After my retirement, my daughter came to me with a proposal. She wanted a picture of a sacred place for her to go to for refuge. Something from my mind to hers. My son and family, Marge, and I went to Indian Cave State Park where we hiked the trails. I had been looking for inspiration for the piece. I took a photo and edited it in PhotoShop. To aid in my focus of looking I developed this verse:

Along life's trail we travel
Crooked, straight, or rocky.
Along life's trail we travel to quiet places
Beside the trail--given silence and calm
We petition the Supreme to know
Who we are, and His errand for us.
It is through these quiet, reflective times
That we come to know ourselves
Our majesty... Our destiny.

1 comment:

bruce said...

I can actually feel this.
When carried by the spirit, prose is transformed to communicate an entire ambiance. A feeling was transferred to me as a reader. The painting and verse together are a magnificent experience!
Thank you for sharing.