Old Stagecoach Road Stream, 1989

24x36, acrylic on canvas
Collection of the Artist

This subject was taken on a trip to Colorado Springs to see my brother. Our family went up to Pikes Peak and on one road--Old Stagecoach Road--we saw this scene. It was just right--the light I mean. This was the last one that I painted at Halsey with Tim Saska. He demonstrated some of the foliage in the middle ground. A principle that he taught here was the you have to have areas of darkness so that the viewer has somewhere to go in the painting. I also remember finishing it at home after the workshop.

A fellow who came to the house for dinner was talking to me about what I did. I told him and I said that I painted also. He said, "Oh, what do you paint?" I said, "Well, I painted this one." He got up and took a closer look at the brush work. He said that he had wondered why I had a "cardboard" painting in the home. I took that as a compliment.

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