Fall Trees, 2007

30x40 Acrylic on panel
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ericksen

Up close and personal, closed landscapes have always been appealing to me to paint. In this painting I have experimented with interference colors. The photograph doesn't do well with these. The colors are milky when applied but when viewed at an angle they have an opalescence with a tint of gold or red depending on the color I used and when photographed they appear lighter. It creates an interesting effect and gives the painting a dynamic effect from whatever the direction.


Jenn said...

Wow, Dad! Nice job. Is this one for Mark and Melyssa?

Rena said...

I told Marge how much I love this painting. Can't wait to hear Mark and Melyssa's comments. They will love it. You are right-the photos don't do it justice. We were lucky to see it in person. Nice blogging page also. L.