Kimber, 2009

14 x 18 acrylic on canvas
Collection of Jason and Angela Young

I'm no Leonardo, but I understand Leonardo. He was reported to have carried Mona Lisa de la Jaconde with him for some 30 years. If he were like me, I would look at it and think of things that I might change--not changing anything, but thinking about them. Well, Kimber was such a project. I started it some 10 years ago and painted it but never finished it. This fall the art club had an exhibit and in my alpha state, I thought, "I could finish that, it's been long enough." I painted on it again--almost redoing everything since the last time I almost redid everything. Now I don't know why I waited all that time, it turned out great--but I'm glad no one saw the intervening steps. It's all in the smile. Good job Leonardo!

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