Mt.Timpanogos, 2010

8x10 Acrylic on panel
Collection of Debi Lapier

In June of 2010, I attended an oil painting workshop with Bob Rohm on The Painterly Approach to landscape painting.  It was held in Fremont, Nebraska as part of the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs' (ANAC) annual conference. It is always an inspiration to be with people from all over the state who have come together from diverse backgrounds, because they feel a common bond in focusing on creating something that did not exist before. The workshop was excellent, and Bob is a great instructor and very helpful in directing people to change their individual modi operandi to assume more of what they hope to become.  In that setting, I painted this small piece.  It was challenging for lyrical lines to appear and to have the brush respond to unfamiliar approaches.  I think that the painting worked, and it reminds me of the evening spent walking along the Provo River with my family and the time I spent with a marvelous artist.

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