Bullfrog Basin, 2011

8x10, Acrylic on canvas
Collection of Joseph and Stephanie Moorman

In early June of 2011, Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha Botanical Center, sponsored a paint-out in the gardens.  Artists from all over the city showed up on a beautiful Saturday morning with portable easels in hand and paints at the ready,  They each positioned themselves along the pathways to paint that which they found most inspiring.  It had been a long time since I had painted plein air, so with some trepidation I set up my French easel and started painting.  I soon discovered my folly as Marge deserted me for less intimidating places.  I had forgotten mosquito repellent. What made me think that Bull Frogs would live where there were no mosquitoes. They don't!  I had paint all over my face as I would swat at the dreaded creatures. Well, I didn't contract West Nile Virus or anything of that nature, but I am not sure that the thicker parts of the painting do not contain encrusted bodies of my observers.

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