Way West, 2011

14x18, Acrylic on canvas
Collection of Marv and Gloria Bailey

In the Winter Quarters Temple there is a painting by LaVoy Eaton which shows the Platte River and Chimney Rock in the early evening. It is a beautiful painting that I have enjoyed each time I was privileged to observe it. For those not of Nebraska, you cannot see Chimney Rock and water in the same scene unless it is raining. Nevertheless, with artistic license in hand I made a sketch of the general composition of the painting and decided to take my brush in hand to make a similar painting after his.  I chose to have it a little later in the day and with more color on the horizon.  One should never paint something just before a webinar on painting skies. You always will find something to correct and then correct again. I love living in Nebraska, and I had a Great Grandmother born in a wagon bed just down the road a bit during an overnight stop at Ash Hollow. There is always a story to tell along life's trail.

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